Anxiety/Depression/Stress.  These are general headings and can vary for each person, some may start small and gradually grow to become a major issue in your life.  I can help you discover why you feel this way and help you find ways to overcome them.  You can start to feel much better, in just a short time, gaining more control over your own feelings can be an enlightening experience.

Stop Smoking.  In just one extended session you can STOP smoking, if your ready to commit this session will make you realise how you can change to have a healthier life and become a NON-SMOKER.

Weight Management.  In today's world its easy to put on weight but you may find it harder to reduce weight.  What causes weight gain? How you can get focussed on losing the weight ?  Over eating and emotional eating can be big factors.  I can help you focus your mind into making better choices in your life to reduce weight easily.  Are you ready to change?

Chronic Pain Management.  Pain is felt as the body sends signals to the mind that a problem exists, sometimes these signals can relay a pain signal when it is unnecessary and I can help you reduce or eliminate any unnecessary pain and help you discover a method of controlling your own pain management.  

Consult your Doctor, Medications and painkillers can also form part of your chronic pain management plan. Your doctor should always advise this. Painkillers can be effective, however it is important to use them safely as they can have side effects.  Hypnotherapy looks at the link between your mind and body but cannot overcome some physical aspects of your body. 

Fears, Phobias and Habits.  These learnt feelings can become a nuisance in your life and grow to make your life limiting.  I can help you overcome these usually in just one session a fear can be overcome.