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free DISCOVERY TELEPHONE call.  Book FREE discovery telephone call and we can explore our suitability to work together, you may then discover that you have made the first important step to a new you!

Price is free 15 mins.

The Power Hour.  Book an hour appointment to experience the methods I use or continue with your programme.  For first time appointments we will explore methods suitable to your own progress and you will experience a gentle introduction to trance or hypnosis.  For those more used to trance or hypnosis we can go to deeper levels of trance or hypnosis to implement the change work.

The trilogy  Book the normal three sessions and we can address any problems you may think you have fully.  You will find you will also gain confidence and understanding. I will lead you to discover self hypnosis and other self help methods and you may find you obtain a calm peaceful mind easily and naturally.  By the end of the trilogy you may discover how much you have learnt about your own mind that you just was not aware of in the past.  The Trilogy is recommended for any weight loss program.  Many fears and phobias can be dealt with in one session, however, the trilogy would assist you on how to remain fear or phobia free.

the appointment I am very pleased to offer personal appointments at the Wellness Centre in Dumfries, a safe environment is assured and strict measures are in place for your safety and compliance with government guidelines.

ZOOM I can also offer an appointment On-Line through Zoom Call which I have found to be highly reliable, all that is required you have a decent Wi-Fi connection and computer equipment to be able to hear and talk on line.  A test call can be arranged to test connections if required.